May I welcome you to the Governance section of The Stephen Longfellow Academy website.

Following our very successful first year of existence in temporary accommodation, the academy is now located in its new and permanent state of the art building with its excellent teaching professionals and support staff.

We are proud to support our students in recognising their own potential, many of whom have re-entered education within our Alternative Provision setting.

As a Local Governing Body, we are responsible for ensuring that along with the Senior Leadership Team, Teaching Staff and Support Staff, we deliver exceptional teaching, learning and experiences for our students. In doing this we will ensure that each individual student is encouraged to achieve their personal goals which should enable them to move on to the next stage of their education or employment.

The Local Governing Body membership has a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience gained within a variety of professions within politics, education, business and public organisations. This mixture of competent people will ensure that the academy delivers on its goals and objectives through effective challenge and support to the Senior Leadership Team, Teachers and staff body.

Leadership across the academy (whether it be academy Senior Leaders or Governors), will be open and honest in its approach when communicating with its stakeholders.

This year the Local Governing Body has set itself an objective to engage Parent/Grandparent/Carer involvement in the governance of the academy. I would like to encourage any one or more of our student’s families to join our empowered Local Governing Body. If you are interested, then please contact me through the academy and I will happily discuss with you how to become involved in shaping our provision and how best to utilising your own experience, skills and knowledge.

Many thanks for taking time to read this section of our website.

Philip C Long
Chair of Governors

Name Category End of Term of Office Area of responsibility Voting Rights Business Interests Other establishments they govern Any relations within the academy Key Area of Responsibility 2018/19 Attendance 2019/20 Attendance
Philip C Long
(Governor Profile)
TGAT 31/12/2021 H & S / PPM / Attendance Yes Pending None None Health and Safety 4/5 3/3
Almut Beige
(Governor Profile)
TGAT 31/12/2021 Policy Group / Quality of Education Yes None BA None Quality of Education 2/3 1/3
Ben Mallinson Principal N/A PPM Yes None None None  
Debra Oxtoby
(Governor Profile)
Community Governor 31/12/2022 Attendance Yes None None None Attendance 4/4 2/3
Francesca Robinson TGAT 31/12/2021 Mental health / PPM Yes Pending TRGA (Chair) None Safeguarding / SEND / Mental health 2/5 2/3
Jonathan Fyffe
(Governor Profile)
TGAT 31/12/2022   Yes None MNA None   3/4 2/3
Leanne Griffiths Executive Principal: 11-16 N/A   Yes None BA, TFA, TMA, TRGA, BSA None  
Lesley Jones
(Governor Profile)
TGAT Governor 31/12/2022 T & L / Curriculum / Progress from point of entry Yes None TFA None Quality of Education 4/4 2/3
Peter Gruen
(Governor Profile)
TGAT 31/12/2021 Staff CPD / recruitment & retention Yes Business Interests with Leeds Playhouse (Enterprises) Ltd HA (Chair), RHA (Chair) and TGAT None Staff Development 3/5 3/3
Simon McCarthy Executive Principal: Primary Education N/A   Yes None HA, MNA, RA and RHA None  
Sir John Townsley Chief Executive Officer N/A  PPM Yes None BA, TRGA, TFA, EHC, MNA, RA, HA, LTSA, TGAT, TMA and BSA None  
Sue Hawkshaw
(Governor Profile)
TGAT Governor 31/12/2022 Staff CPD / recruitment & retention / SMSC Yes None TFA None Staff Development / SMSC 2/3 1/3
Wayne Little
(Governor Profile)
TGAT Associate Governor 31/12/2021   Yes None None None Alternative Provision 4/5 2/3
Matthew Tune
(Governor Profile)
Community Governor 01/10/2023   Yes TBC None TBC   2/2

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