The assessment policies used at The Stephen Longfellow Academy are similar to those used by our partner schools, including those which are OFSTED Outstanding. We are confident that we reap the benefits of their experience in the area of student assessment and tracking.

We are committed to developing unique assessment solutions to monitoring and assessing progress made by all of our pupils.

Target Setting

Our starting point is target setting. We use Key Stage 2 data to set challenging targets for all of our pupils.

This is a tried and tested method of improvement in all of our partner academies.

Informal Assessment

At The Stephen Longfellow Academy, classwork and homework has been designed to extend learning.

We see fantastic pieces of work in all subject areas, and use these to recognise the level of understanding of every pupil.

Formal Assessment

During the year there are five Assessment Points. These are formal points at which teachers assess the current level of pupils and talk with them about how they can progress to their target grade.

This information is shared with parents, pupils and their referral schools.

We share formal curriculum assessments with Curriculum Leaders in our partner schools to ensure that marking is standardised and that assessment is accurate for every child.