At The Stephen Longfellow Academy, the student planner is an essential piece of everyday equipment. Students must bring their planner to the academy with them every day.

The planner is mainly used to record homework and PD stamps. It also holds information about the academy, including expectations and systems. There are also areas in the planner that are used for assessment and enhancing learning.

We encourage parents/carers to regularly check the student planner, as it is a tool we use to communicate with you.

All students are given a planner when they join the academy. If they lose or damage their planner, they will have to buy a new one for £5.00.

To make the best use of the Student Planner:

Every Week

  • Talk to your child about their homework and support them if they need it. You can use the Linking Learning planner pages to help you.

  • Sign the weekly diary pages and make sure that you have received and read all letters home.

Every Term

  • Check your home contact information and let us know if updates are needed.

  • Talk to your child about their assessment pages.

  • Attend open days for your child.