In our changing world and local communities, it is important to promote Modern British Values as part of SMSC. This includes:

  • Celebrating our strong vision and ethos.
  • Encouraging and supporting students to develop effective relationships.
  • Providing a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Offering activities beyond the classroom.
  • Helping every young person understand the society we live in and the joy of diversity and difference.

Spiritual – Exploring beliefs and experiences, respecting values, discovering yourself and the surrounding world and your place within it, using imagination and creativity, being able to reflect as an individual.

Moral – Recognising right and wrong, understanding choices and consequences, investigating moral and ethical issues, being able to offer a reasoned viewpoint.

Social – Using social skills appropriately in different contexts, understanding how different groups and communities function, being tolerant of others.

Cultural – Understanding, accepting, respecting and celebrating diversity, participating in cultural opportunities, understanding and appreciating cultural influences.

As well as a formal SMSC audit, where we map where our students experience these influences in school, we have a number of SMSC activities which further promote the fundamental British values:

  • Developing self-esteem and confidence.
  • Understanding right from wrong.
  • Working with our local community.
  • Helping students to understand that they have three rights and responsibilities in this school:
    • The right to learn.
    • The right to be safe.
    • The right to respect.
    • The responsibility to let others learn.
    • The responsibility to make sure others are safe.
    • The responsibility to respect others.
  • Encouraging respect for democracy through elections for School Council members.
  • An understanding of how they as citizens can bring about influence through a democratic process.
  • An understanding of the rule of law and how it aims to protect individuals and ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone.
  • An understanding of the freedom of choice and how these choices are protected in law.
  • An acceptance of others who hold different beliefs, faiths and opinions.
  • An understanding that tolerance is required and that discrimination not only goes against our values and ethos, but also against the law.
  • An understanding that action needs to be taken to combat discriminatory behaviour.
Download the DfE British Values and SMSC Guidance