Year 9

Year 9 have just completed a compelling and detailed piece of forensic reading, focusing on the title, ‘Fragile Earth.’  Their next piece of reading will be driven by the text ‘The Alchemist’ initially and linked with wider issues regarding recognising one’s own goals, finding happiness and purpose and developing positive self-belief.

Year 10

From the gripping work on non-fiction texts working under the heading, ‘Misogynies,’ students will now move onto the unit title, ‘Secrets and Lies.’  This is a fascinating unit and explores a range of texts, from articles relating to the Yorkshire Ripper to the way that fiction texts often call on us to ‘read between the lines.’  Students will also be working on their own skills as prose writers, developing techniques to engage the reader and create character and setting.

Year 11

Year 11 are now in the final stages of preparing for their English exam.  Their work will now essentially focus on honing their skills in transactional writing and prose writing and in developing their skills in exploring and analysing the writer’s craft.