Year 7 to 9 students at The Stephen Longfellow Academy were involved in 2 Future Goals sessions delivered by the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership Team (LEP).

The aim of the sessions were to raise the awareness of jobs within the Leeds City Region and provide students with up to date careers and labour market information. Students learned about job sectors in Leeds City Region: digital, construction, engineering, manufacturing and also came across new jobs.

Data was presented to students in a variety of ways, from a higher and lower activity card game, an online video, a powerpoint presentation and an interactive question and answer session, all within a 40-minute time slot.  Students were also given a Future goals booklet, to take home and share with parents which contained all of the information.

A short quiz was completed with students after the session to check understanding.

Quiz answers showed:

  • 100% of students could identify at least one key skill important to employers
  • 90% of students could name at least two of the main job sectors in Leeds.
  • 80% of students were able to state what the average Apprentice pay per week was.
  • 100% of students could name the website where they can find further information about Labour Market Information (#Future Goals).

Feedback from TSLA staff attending the session

“I supported my Year 7 group through the Future Goals session – the facilitators of the session were highly effective in ensuring that engagement levels were high from the start, through a ‘stand up/sit down’ questioning session. This was particularly useful as it began with ice-breaker style questions then escalated to ideas linking directly the session (careers). This allowed the facilitators to engage every student during the session and helped to creative a positive environment where students were inquisitive and keen to share their ideas and learn.”
Ms Rockcliffe-Wallace (English Teacher)

“The people running the session were very friendly, they spoke clearly, they engaged fantastically with the students and listened to what they had to say. The students were enthusiastic to ask questions and take part with the activities, the students who did not take part, sat quietly and listened to what others had to say. I was impressed with how good the behaviour was amongst all students, this is a reflection on how well the talk was organised.
Ms Cliff (Art Teacher)

Feedback from Facilitators of session

“From our point of view Year 7 and 8 were really receptive and gave lots back to the session, they interacted really well and seemed to engage with us and others within the group.
“Year 9 again joined in and listened, they had some good ideas for what they wanted to do and what was around already and hopefully took something away about what they could do in the future. Overall both groups did really well, it’s not an easy subject to learn about so thank you from us for sitting and listening and joining in with our sessions as well as they did! If you wouldn’t mind passing on our thanks to the students for listening and joining in from both groups!”
Kirsty Brobyn | Enterprise Coordinator | Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

“It really was a pleasure to speak to your students. Additionally, thanks to you and your staff who were really supportive and contributed to the sessions. It makes all the difference when we go into supportive schools”.
Marc Townsend | Enterprise Coordinator
West Yorkshire Combined Authority | Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

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Overall the bespoke sessions were a great success and The Stephen Longfellow Academy will continue to work with the LEP to make sure this programme is delivered again next year.

Raj Gill (Careers Officer)