Term 1 at the new site has been brilliant. I have had a mixture of old and new students and all are really engaging and wanting to know about careers in music. There seems to be a good buzz around school about Noise Academy and there’s a lot of other students that are keen start and coming to see me about accessing the course.

Most students have worked incredibly hard, but I would particularly like to raise awareness about Tyler who has gone from strength to strength in the past week, not only with his Dj skills, but in his self-confidence and maturity as a learner. I have noticed a difference when I have seen him around the school.

I have also told all students about the sessions starting in the new music production room and there is a lot of interest. TSLA and the Noise Academy will be looking to organise a small performance and/or a Christmas party to celebrate the wonderful talent that we have in school.


Joe (Noise Academy)