Male and female students in Year 8 are being offered the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine, which is being delivered by Leeds Community Healthcare School Immunisation Team.  Throughout the person’s life, the HPV vaccine significantly reduces the incidence of genital warts (a sexually transmitted infection) and the incidence of cervical cancer in women.  It also reduces the incidence of some other cancers (vaginal, head, neck, anal and penile cancers), as well as reducing the incidence of skin warts and verrucas and warts on the vocal cords (laryngeal papillomas). 

As always we are very keen for our students to live healthy, happy lives so we support the administration of this vaccine.  If you have any concerns or further questions about the vaccine please Click Here and/or call Matt Storey, Assistant Principal for Health and Wellbeing, via Academy Reception.

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