Jenny Holden

Assistant Principal for Inclusion and Safeguarding

Jennie McPhee

Primary Leader/Assistant SENDCo

Alice Swainston

Secondary Assistant SENDCo

At The Stephen Longfellow Academy we believe that all children young people, regardless of ability or need, can thrive and flourish in an outstanding environment. We believe that every teacher is a teacher of SEND and strive to personalise the curriculum and pastoral support to meet the needs of every student in our academy. We are extremely proud of our inclusive teaching and the high levels of pastoral, and therapeutic support provided for our students.

The Stephen Longfellow Academy believes that every teacher is a teacher of SEND. Our SEND Policy and School Information Report outline how we will support all students and those that are identified as SEND to access and engage with learning.

The Leeds Local Offer has further information about the provisions and agencies available in Leeds for SEND students.

Our aim is to raise aspirations and expectations for all of our students and those with SEND, providing a focus on the outcomes of our students.

SEND Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of help and support can you offer to students with Special Education Needs and Disability?2020-07-17T13:55:39+01:00
  • A strong and highly trained pastoral team who are responsive for student’s needs
  • High levels of personalised materials in lessons
  • Individual and small group literacy and numeracy support
  • Pastoral support coaches and welfare support officers
  • Small class sizes
  • A high level of therapeutic support – Wellbeing Coach, Accredited Counsellor, Level 7 Counsellor, Assistant Principal leading on Health and Wellbeing
  • Family liaison officer and family support
  • Behaviour focused programmes, such as Martial Arts and bag work, physical therapies
  • A variety of programmes to help students for Social Emotional and Mental Health
  • Bespoke 1:1 intervention and/or small group intervention
  • Technology for access and access arrangements in class and for examinations
  • Referral to external agencies
How are children and young people included in the planning for their support and provision?2020-07-17T13:55:19+01:00

The SENDCo and Assistant SENDCos work closely with the on roll (commissioning academy) to transition students with SEND to the academy. This includes planning for the student. Parents/carers are invited to an induction meeting at the start of a placement to share information and plan for students. Form tutors update every student’s Individual Education and Behaviour Plans (IEBPs) and contact parents/carers on a weekly basis and parents/carers are invited to discuss SEND needs informally but also at parents/carers event and inclusion consultation events. Students discuss the information on their IEBPs and targets with their form tutors, which includes strategies for support and areas of difficulty.

What specialist services and expertise are available or can be accessed at the academy?2020-07-17T13:54:59+01:00

The academy has strong relationships with specialist services within the local area. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Educational Psychologists
  • Occupational therapy
  • Complex Needs Team
  • Speech and Language Therapist Team
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
  • STARS – Autistic Spectrum Conditions
  • SENIT (Complex Needs Team) – Dyslexia specialists specifically

This list is not exhaustive and The Stephen Longfellow Academy is committed to communicating and working closely with professionals involved with a young person or child and their family.

What support will there be for my child’s/the young person’s overall wellbeing?2020-07-17T13:54:36+01:00
  • SENDCo and an Assistant SENDCo for both primary and
  • Attendance and welfare support
  • Primary Teaching Assistant
  • Senior Pastoral Coach/Pastoral Coach – both primary and secondary
  • BACP Accredited Counsellor
  • Accredited wellbeing coach
  • Level 7 qualified therapist/counsellor
  • Welfare officers – behaviour and emotional regulation support
  • Assistant Principal – lead for health and wellbeing (medically trained professional)
  • SENDCos referrals where further personalisation and intervention is needed
  • Assemblies, form time activities around Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship
  • Physical and behaviour focused support
  • Family support
  • The academy has 9 trained Child Protection Designated Officer
  • Daily check-ins with pastoral staff
  • Green rooms access and pastoral support
How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s/young person’s needs?2020-07-17T13:54:14+01:00

The Stephen Longfellow Academy is an Alternative Provision setting and therefore we provide a bespoke and personalised curriculum to meet the varied needs of all of our students. There is a high level of personalisation led by the expertise of Curriculum Leaders and teaching staff, with the support and advice from pastoral and therapeutic professionals.

Where students are accessing Quality First teaching and following assessment and review they are not making expected progress they may need further intervention and support, such as group work.

Students may specifically have Social Emotional and Mental Health difficulties and will have access to bespoke pastoral or therapeutic support.

How will the academy support my child/young person?2020-07-17T13:53:51+01:00

All teachers at the academy are teachers of students with SEND and will support students in their classes by personalising their lessons in response to a student’s needs. Teachers will refer to the SENDCo/Assistant SENDCo if they have concerns about a student’s academic progress or emotional wellbeing.

The SENDCo/Assistant SENDCo oversees the day-to-day provision for children and young people in the setting, this includes quality assuring teaching and personalisation and pastoral support.

The primary setting and Key Stage 3 and 4 have a phase leader/Head of Key Stage who support and monitor student’s academic progress and emotional wellbeing and can access support in and outside of the academy.

Every student has a form tutor who has a two lessons a day with their tutor group, where the student’s day is reviewed and progress praised, this includes and review of their ClassCharts information through the day.

How does the academy know if children/young people need extra help and what should I do if I think my child/young person has Special Educational Needs?2020-07-17T13:53:29+01:00

Some children/young people attend the academy and have already been identified as having a specific need and are on the SEND register. Others are referred to attend the academy and the on roll school has identified difficulties but not assessed fully what these are.

When a student is referred to attend the academy we review all of the information provided by their commissioning school and also carry out baseline assessment and reading/spellings assessments. We also assess student’s Social Emotional and Mental Health through Strengths and Difficulties questionnaires.

The SENDCo will review all of this information, any professional reports, assessment data and the initial assessment to identify of students may have a specific difficulty. Students may then have further observations by the SENDCo/Assistant SENDCos to identify areas of need. At this stage this would be discussed with parents/carers.

If you are feel that you child/young person has SEND you can contact the SENDCo to discuss this further.

How will we assess how your child/young person is doing and how will we help you to support your child/young person’s learning?2020-07-17T13:53:11+01:00

Every student in the academy is assessed formally on a termly basis and data is reported to parents/carers along with information about whether or not your child/young person is on track to achieve their target grade. Once per year this data is accompanied by summary comments from the form tutor and Head of Key Stage/phase and pastoral coaches/therapeutic staff members.

The SENDCo/Assistant SENDCo and professional agencies may also use different assessment tools to assess the learning of your child/young person to further investigate if they a specific difficulty or need that impacts upon their learning.

At each Assessment Point the SENDCo, along with the Senior Leadership Team, analyse the data of students with SEND to ensure they are making progress in line with their peers. If students are not making, or are not on track to make expected progress appropriate intervention and sourcing of any additional support will be put in place.

There is a Parents’ Evening for each year group and also SEND consultation opportunities throughout the year to review progress, set targets for Individual Education and Behaviour Plans and discuss and plan intervention.

What kind of Special Educational Needs does The Stephen Longfellow Academy cater for?2020-07-17T13:52:41+01:00

The Stephen Longfellow Academy is an Alternative Provision setting for both Primary and Secondary children/young people and we are primarily a setting where students are referred from a mainstream school to attend an alternative school. We cater for the same SEN as mainstream school which are:

  • Communication and Interaction (For example: Speech and Language, or Autistic Spectrum Condition)
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH, for example Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety )
  • Sensory and/or physical needs (Inclusive of visual, hearing and multi-sensory impairment)
  • Cognition and Learning

We have students with varied needs, and a higher than average of students identified as SEND which is often why we students are referred to attend our provision, in order to access additional support. We are not, however a specialist setting exclusively providing education for SEND students only and also have students in attendance that do not have SEND.

The needs of our students vary but are not only students identified as having Social Emotional and Mental Health needs.

How can I contact the SENDCo/Assistant SENDCo/Assistant Principal for Inclusion?2020-07-17T13:36:43+01:00


Mrs J Holden/Mrs A Swainston (Secondary phase)

Miss McPhee (Primary phase)

Telephone: 0113 4685999

Email: [email protected] – Requesting contact from the SENDCo

Policies and Documents

SEND Policy
School Information Report
Accessibility Plan
Parents and Carers Leaflet

One Minute Guides

Leeds Local Offer
Early Help
Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)

Our objectives are to:

  • Recognise early where students have barriers to learning and identify strategies to support their needs.
  • Work within the SEND code of practice consulting with parents/carers and students about their needs.
  • Ensure that every student is a confident individual who can engage and participate in learning and make progress.
  • Operate a whole student, whole school approach.
  • Involve students and parents/carers in the planning and reviewing of their individual provision; this includes attendance at regular review meetings about progress against targets.
  • Provide support, advice and training for all staff with regards to Special Educational Needs and Disability.

If we do identify that your child has SEND we will contact you to discuss and plan the support we can offer as part of a regular review process. We make sure that every child with SEND is cared for individually and learning is personalised to meet their need.

When a child with SEND joins the academy we use formative assessment to identify areas of need. The data from assessments and tests is used to set targets for students and personalise their learning.

We aim to involve parents/carers at all stages of their child’s or young person’s academic journey, to keep you informed of progress and review targets. All of the information that we gather from parental voice and from assessments will be used to create individual plans for each student.

The areas of Special Educational Needs and Disability that some children and students that we support are:

Leeds Local Offer

Every Local Authority across England must publish a local offer which outlines the support that is available for local children and young people with SEND, and their families. This information gives parents/carers information about the guidance and advice available across education, health and social care in the local area for children and young people with SEND. The local offer will include up -to -date information about the available services and how to access them. The local offer ensures families can access clear information about all services for those aged 0-25 with SEN and disabilities and explains what families are entitled to and can expect from services.

Click on the button link below to visit the Leeds City Council website where you will find further information.

Click here to see the Leeds Local Offer
Click here to see the Leeds Local Offer survey for parents/carers

Parents/carers can find out more about the EHCP process and how to include the child or young person’s views and opinions throughout their plan.

The Council for Disabled Children have made this video that explains more.

Find out more here