The academy made the most of our state of the art sporting facilities with the first annual TSLA whole academy sports day. A significant amount of planning and hard work from Mr O’Neill and Mr Dearden was all worth it as over 90 students took part in one or more event to earn points for their house. Team Andes, Ben Nevis, Everest and Snowden competed in primary athletics/throwing events and secondary students represented their house in a 2minute row, volleyball and table tennis. Secondary students were also on hand to support primary students during the morning events.

In what was a fantastic and inclusive environment, students demonstrated both a competitive and supportive side to themselves, helping one another and encouraging fair play. All participating students finished the day with a celebration event of medals, certificates and ice cream with Everest presented with the house cup by our academy principal Mr Mallinson.

Special mentions go to:

Rowing: Everest for rowing the furthest distance and JC year 9 for the largest distance covered in 2 minutes.

Volleyball: Andes for winning the most games and in particular EW and LA for their support of others.

Table Tennis : Everest was the winning house with DTM year 10 taking the most points from the teachers.

Mr O’Neill – Head of enrichment and extra-curricular cannot wait to build on what was a “brilliant day of sport and teamwork with some real talent on show”.

Please keep checking the academy website and speak with Mr O’Neill to find out what other opportunities the academy will be offering in 2019/20.