Year 7 students have been working towards an AQA award for Healthy Lifestyles. Students have been developing their knowledge of the 5 different food groups and identified a range of unhealthy foods. Students prepared a variety of healthy snacks and designed their own healthy plate based on the Eatwell guide.

Year 8 students have been developing their knowledge of food nutrition and why we need vitamins and minerals in our diet. Students completed a pancake challenge testing their quality control and precision, students made a batch of pancakes judged for their shape, size and consistency to see who had the best pancake batter and flipping skills.

Year 9 students have been completing an AQA award for Vegetarian foods and diets. Students have been investigating moral vegetarianism and debated the question ‘is it right to eat meat?’ Students have been able to debate and discuss some really interesting points of view while considering the impact of the choices we make on the environment. Students have had the opportunity to cook and taste a number of vegetarian dishes including vegetarian burgers, pasta, spring rolls and curry.  Great work year 9!