Year 10 students have been completed Unit 1: The Hospitality and Catering Industry examination unit. Students have been learning about the operation of a kitchen and front of house. Students have investigated how establishments meet customer requirements and who the different types of customers are. We have looked at real-life examples and role play to investigate the importance of good customer service. Alongside this, the students have created a range of dishes to develop their layering skills and precision including mini apple pies, cinnamon buns, pineapple upside down cake, spring rolls and cheesecake.

Year 11 students have been completing controlled assessment units. Well done to all Year 11’s who sat the unit 3 exploring balanced diets exam this half term.

Unit 2 Understanding food – students have been investigating environmental, social and moral reasons for people’s food choices. They have been brainstorming ideas to adapt chosen recipes to make them healthier or improve the sensory properties, students then evaluated their final dishes.

Unit 4 Plan and produce dishes in response to a brief – to achieve unit 4 students planned and prepared party food for a 5-6 year olds birthday party, students had 2 hours to create a minimum of 2 dishes for the party using a time plan they created. It was a very successful day and students should be very proud of their achievements.